Who was Saint Aidan?


Saint Aidan was an Irish Monk who was sent as a missionary from the Isle of Iona to Northumbria. He founded a church on the Island of Lindisfarne in 635 CE on the site where the ruins of Lindisfarne Abbey stand today. He is credited with bringing Christianity to Northumbria and paved the way for the ministries of saints like Saint Cuthbert, and Saint Hilda. 


What is the Saint Aidan’s Community?


The Saint Aidan’s Community is a neo-monastic fellowship on the University of Alberta campus. Together the fellows of St Aidan’s work, pray, and (in some cases) live together in the pursuit of living into their gifts for the sake of the whole human community. Fellows journey alongside students, worshipping together on Thursday nights and joining in daily contemplative prayer.


For the 2018/2019 Academic Year St Aidan’s will be exploring the Rule of Saint Benedict through Joan Chittister’s The Rule of St Benedict: A Spirituality for the 21st Century.


It is good to take the time to sit with God in the quiet moments and to point to God in the midst of the chaos and uncertainty of our busy lives. St Aidan’s commitment to Community, Prayer, Hospitality, and Study are the guiding principles for this community.


With the two types of membership in the Community: Student-Fellow Membership and the Fellows of St Aidan’s, there is room at the table for someone just like YOU!