Top ten reasons to become a Fellow of Saint Aidan's


1. To support the Anglican Student Ministry.


2. To walk alongside an inspiring community of faculty, staff, and students.


3. The chance to worship on Thursday Nights with the St Aidan's Community.


4. To carve out some space in your week to nurture your relationship with God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 


5. One-on-one discipleship with the Anglican Student Ministry Chaplain.


6. The opportunity to attend special guest lectures.


7. To be a part of a vibrant, missional, faith community within your city.


8. Because it is fun.


9. To work through the tough questions of life and faith.


10. Because in the midst of the craziness of life it is good to take some time to reflect.

What does it cost?

The suggested donation for a Fellow of St Aidan's is $500/academic year.


The Chaplaincy is funded by donations and the Fellows of St Aidan's are an important part of funding our ministries on campus.