Join together on Tuesdays from 2-4 pm in HUB 182-B (the couches outside of The Rev. Heather Liddell's Office: HUB 182-A) where we will read through a homily written by a member of the St. Mary Magdalene's School of Theology in Oxford, followed by a time of discussion!



September 6th, 2018: Jesus

September 13th, 2018: The Holy Spirit

September 20th, 2018: Creation

September 27th, 2018: Trinity

October 4th, 2018: Incarnation I

October 11th, 2018: Incarnation II

October 18th, 2018: Scripture

October 25th, 2018: Worship

November 1st, 2018: Baptism

November 8th, 2018: Eucharist

Next Up: Learning to Pray