Top ten reasons to become a Student-Fellow of St Aidan's


1. Because it is a safe place on campus to wrestle with your faith. 2. Because the people are great.

3. Because it is nice to know that a whole community is praying for you by name.

4. Because being a student-fellow while not living in St Aidan’s House is a way to find community on campus, without the commitment of the House.

5. Because it is a way to exercise and receive hospitality.

6. Because it is a community of prayer and study.

7. Because sometimes University life is lonely.

8. Because it is fun.

9. Because it is WAY cheaper to join as a student.

10. Because in the midst of the craziness on campus it is good to take some time to reflect.


What does it cost?

The suggested donation for a Student-Fellow of St Aidan's is $50/semester. 


The Chaplaincy is funded by donations and the Fellows of St Aidan's are an important part of funding our ministries on campus.